Mud Wrestling, the Queen’s Back Garden and Cheap Aftershave!

Yesterday saw me complete my 4th 10K run of the challenge – this one was in the beautiful Swinley Forest in Bagshot – part of the Crown Estate!  I had hoped The Queen and Prince Phillip might have popped out to cheer us all on, but alas, they did not, however, in spite of the drizzly weather, there were loads of lovely people cheering and clapping as we trundled by.  My endearing memory will be when a kid popped out from behind a tree to cheer on his mother and she jumped a mile in the air – a tad amusing!

The course was a lovely (as my friend Catharine put it) undulating forest run, taking in twists and turns all over the shop!  Negotiating low hanging branches and slippery roots to avoid falling into a mud bath and starting a mud wrestling competition was a tad tricky at times, but it all added to a great atmosphere.

As ever, there are people to thank – all of my lovely friends who comment on the blog, tweet me support, text me, drink with me afterwards and have sponsored me so far – I know I say this a lot, but I could not do it without your support.  There is one extra person to thank this week though – they guy who had clearly bathed in cheap aftershave before the race – in sprinting past you to stop myself from throwing up, I am sure I knocked a couple of seconds off my time.   This was a non chipped race and it was nearer 11K which I completed in 1h and 7minutes according to Runkeeper.

I need to start planning and booking the next races, so those of you who keep saying you will be running with me – time to put up or shut up!




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